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Ultra Fitness Beyond Imagination

You are invited to join Ultra Fitness Beyond Imagination coach Lisa Felder in developing your ultra running fitness and skills throughout the year and beyond. Whether you are a novice at trail or ultra distance racing, Coach Lisa invites you to train with her for your next trail/ultra distance challenge. The program consists of a 4-10 month comprehensive training schedule with three distinct phases: Base Building, Endurance & Distance. You will receive a monthly schedule specifically designed for your ability level, access to an online support forum and much more! If you are thinking of running a trail race, 50k, 50 Mile, 100k or 100 Mile Ultra this year, consider this program.


For most people, the response to the idea of running trails and miles that stretches up to 100 miles and more is "why" or possibly "how?" For a select few, the challenge is intriguing. A question for some runners is "why not?"

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about coach LISA FELDER

With 30+ years of running experience and 20+ years of coaching experience, Coach Lisa Felder is not your typical running coach.  She's been running since the early 1980's, finishing nearly 300 marathons, a Duathlon, a Century Bike Ride, hiked the Grand Canyon and completed 111 ultra-marathons.


Coach Lisa (affectionately known to many as Mama Lisa) started her coaching career in 1996, and for over a decade coached the East Bay run team for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program (TNT). She then launched the first ever TNT Ultra Team and decided to expand her Ultra training program  after successfully coaching ultra runners for the several years.

Lisa is committed to make it happen for YOU! You will become the trail runner that you always wanted to be. You will have a custom UFBI training plan created to help YOU reach YOUR goals in different ways and at your full potential.

Running Track

Portia B

I met Mama Lisa in 2003 when I decided to get up from my couch and run a marathon. I started from rock bottom and never thought it possible for me to run a 5K let alone a marathon. Enter Mama Lisa - she is more than a coach. She provides encouragement and mentorship and shows genuine interest in your physical, mental and spiritual well-being through the art of distance running. Love you, Mama Lisa and grateful for your inspiration!

Runner on Mountain

Phil L

"Mama Lisa is an ultra legend. Her knowledge of ultra running and her belief in me is what took me from a person who could barely run one mile to an ultra runner who finished the Rio Del Lago 100 mile endurance race."


Michele J

I have been running since I was 43 and began running one marathon a year at 50. I love to run! But I could not seem to Boston Qualify! I met Mama Lisa of Ultra Fitness Beyond Imagination, who is an amazing coach. I began training with her in April of 2017. I learned so many new things and ran my fastest 5k and qualified for Boston beating my qualifying time by 12 minutes! Couldn't do that on my own. Thanks so much Coach Mama Lisa!

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