About 'Mama Lisa' Felder

Born out of long-time Coach 'Mama Lisa' Felder's personal experience with and passion for long-distance running, she has begun her own program, Ultra Fitness Beyond Imagination.
Lisa has been running since the early 1980's, finishing nearly 300 marathons, a Duathlon, a Century Bike Ride, has hiked the Grand Canyon and completed 111 ultra-marathons. She started her coaching career in 1996, for the San Francisco Fit team, and over the next two years, helped implemented "Fit First" program in the Bay Area. From 1998-2009 she coached the East Bay run team for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program (TNT). In 2009, she launched the first ever TNT Ultra Team, the largest endurance program in the world. Lisa is an incredible athlete in her own right and has decided to expand her Ultra training program beyond TNT after successfully coaching ultra runners for the past four years.
Designed for inexperienced and experienced runners looking for trail running and the next challenge, the Ultra Fitness Beyond Imagination program involves 4-10 months of training with three phases: base building, endurance building, and distance.

Photo courtesy: Belinda Agamaite