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Training Packages

Premier Package $145/mo.*
  • Monthly training schedule with Training Peaks GPS program (online training calendar and tracking tool)
  • Education on proper form, pacing, fueling, stretching and more
  • Videos on strength and cross training, swimming, treadmill and Peloton
  • Monthly premium (Training Peaks)
  • 24 hour access to the Coach
  • Unlimited communication with a USATF certified Coach
  • Training Clinics
  • Once a week meeting or phone calls (up to 45 mins each)
Elite Package $70/mo.*
  • Monthly training schedule (hard copy only)
  • Education on proper form, pacing, fueling, stretching, and more
  • Scheduled twice a month access to Coach
All Athletes Package $30/mo.*
  • Once a month weekend coached training

When choosing a goal, the key is to make it ambitious enough to be motivating while realistic enough to be reachable.  You can choose goals based on the specific results at events, or based on processes or performance metrics you want to improve.


I will recommend creating a variety of goals in different categories, so you can maintain a sense of purpose and progress no matter how your season goes.


As an endurance athlete and a coach, I have observed over the years that when we approach a race with a pro-goal and a positive mindset, we become more process-based, which allows us to adapt to the challenges that race day inevitably brings.  This mindset always materializes as our best effort on the day.

Initial Consultation $25/hr

  • UFBI ASSESSMENT FORM – UFBI survey you were asked to fill out at the time of joining

  • Advice - what race(s) is right for your fitness level

  • Description of races

  • Nutrition and fuel factors

  • Understanding resting and active heart rates

  • Recognizing injuries and doctor referral for treatment

  • Weighing pros and cons of trail running

  • Recommendation for a Multiphasic test before training

  • Family history of medical treatments

  • Using the right equipment for trail running

  • How to use Training Peaks

*Initial consultation is required with purchase of training packages

... to preparing to take on a 21K, 50K, 50M, 100M trail run is proper training. The magic happens over 4-10 months training period that builds up endurance; the regimen involves short runs, track, and cross fit training during the week; long runs on Saturday; followed with a "run on tired legs" Sunday run. "It's not necessarily how fast or how far you go, but really the time you spend on your feet that prepares you for event day", says 'Mama Lisa' Felder.

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